Tuesday, March 11, 2014

LOW RPM High Torque DC Motor Interface to PIC18F4550 | Robotics

This video is a demonstration of a LOW RPM High Torque DC motor interfaced with a PIC18F4550 microcontroller through a L293D Motor Driver circuit for a small tutorial robot. The pulses generated on the microcontroller pins are interfaced to the L293D which is guiding the Motor to run in Clockwise, Anti clockwise or Halt.

The low rpm and high torque of this dc motor makes it perfect for robotic applications. To increase the torque at the wheels, sometimes additional gears are necessary, but this specific high torque dc motor comes with an in built gear mechanism, providing necessary torque. This video shows a demonstration of the DC motors working before the entire circuitry was installed on a 4 wheel differential drive robot

The motor is operating on 12 Volts which is managed by the L293D, however the power to the microcontroller is being provided by same power source with a IC 7805 voltage regulator to keep input voltage to microcontroller strictly at 5 Volts.

The microcontroller is coded with Mplab X IDE and XC8 Compiler.

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