Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A simple robot under construction "Robin v1.0"

A Simple Robot Tutorial

(On request by some friends).

I am making this robot completely on request, for the purpose of making Simple tutorial for making your own robot just for beginners (Note: not an expert level one, just a simple one for beginners , anyone can make it in simple steps . And coding is also not complex.) It will be based on simple AGENT PROGRAM (A.I)

Once I am done with this robot, i will upload a complete tutorial for making this robot on my website and blogs.I found a small broken toy car which had perfect tires , so decided to break it and decoded to transform it into a small robot.

This robot has no sensors , I call it as “robin v1.0” , in next robot I will add an IR [Infra red ]sensors and make it as an object detection and it will be “robin v1.1” , for now lets begin with our “robin v1.0”

I will use simple D.C motor and pic18f4550 microcontroller. Pic18f4550 is one of my favorite microcontroller because of its USB features. [to be very frank u can use 555 timer too to make my robin v1.0 , but since you cannot code a 555 and microcontrollers gives more degree of freedom to code, so I will go with microcontroller , plus u can code it the way u want it.] In My next version would be Robin v1.1, v1.2 where i will use Sensors and some complex motors like . Stepper motor and Servos. {PWM}

More details coming Soon

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