Monday, November 28, 2011

L293D IC DC Motor Driver Chip Introduction


If you really interested in robotics and controlling (electronics) stuffs then one of the most basic thing is to control devices like DC Motors, Stepper Motors , Servo (with pwm) etc. which one of the important topic in robotics.

Today I am going to show you some basics of L293D DC motor controller, Its a integrated circuit that enables you to control motor rotation ( forward / reverse ) that is Clockwise and Counter Clockwise | anti-clock (cw / ccw). I will provide the basics in this post and in my next posts I will show you working and application of this L293D motor Driver interface with a microcontroller ( PIC18F4550 microcontroller )

You can find the pin diagram of l293d motor drive with a short Google, the chip is kind of self explanatory when you see the pin diagram. With one single chip you can drive two DC motors to rotate in forward/ reverse direction on your command.

This chip understands only logic 0 and logic 1 signals as input control signal , we are going to generate the logic 0 and 1 with the help of a pic18f4550 microcontroller, (in my next post), the logic 0 and 1 will be fed to the input of the l293d and motor will be connected to the out pins of l293d.

There are two inputs and two outputs on either sides of the chip, both sides of the chip can control one motor each. so a single chip can operate two DC motors.

Each operational unit has to be activated or enabled before you can use it. So connect the pin1 (chip enable) to VCC if you wish to use to activate one side, and so as another "chip enable" pin in you want to use second operational unit.

NOTE: Connect all GND to common ground , and DO NOT FORGET to connect the GND of microcontroller with l293d GND.

In my next post I will show its demonstration with a pic18f4550 USB interface board , computer USB and keyboard controlled DC motor with L293D.

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NOTE:  If you wish to make this USB pic18f4550 microcontroller board then follow my project on my website for Schematics, Firmware and Codes.

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